2021 COVID-19 Business Support Grant Eligibility

Instructions for use

  • The comparative dates need to match for the respective years.
  • Enter your turnover for this period in 2021 then enter your turnover for same period in 2019.
  • If the result is in GREEN you may be eligible for this grant.
  • If the result is in RED you may NOT be eligible for this grant.

What dates should I enter?

  • Your test data should be a 1-week period.
  • If you are in South East Queensland this week must EITHER include 31st July 2021 or a date in August 2021 where you were in lockdown.
  • If you are in Cairns or Yarrabah your week must include the 8th August 2021.
  • Your comparison date should be the same dates in 2019 (or 2020 if 2019 was not typical weekly turnover, or you had not yet started your business).

Eligibility Tiers

One-OffTier OneTier TwoTier Three
Sole Traders / Non$1000
QLD Payroll under $1.3 million$5000
QLD Payroll under $10 million $10,000
QLD Payroll over $10 million $25,000

Need help?

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